Riding The Wave Of Social Media

A few notes on why you should hop on the same boat.

Doing business in the modern times is like faring the rough seas. Resist the wind or you’ll get pushed over; steer towards the wrong direction or you’ll end up a wreck. Either way, being on social media is only half the battle. You still have to figure out how to navigate yourself from the strong currents brought by the surging competition and the ever-growing business environment, because truth be told, there are no shortcuts on this– just smart work.

Much like seafaring, social media is not just about hoisting your sails or building yourself a sturdy boat, it’s about learning the ropes of what must be done and having the courage to take the helm whenever needed. Besides, having a good crew who knows the ins and outs of social media might come in handy if you ever feel like your back is pressed against the wall. Sure, you will encounter some challenges that might send you off-course along the way, but with the help of a capable team like us, you won’t need to drift too far from reaching your goal. You can always anchor on us to help you weather the storms!

Should you try social media?

Yes, but don’t burn the bridge yet! In the past few months, social media has proven itself useful in turning the tides for businesses whose ships are slowly sinking in the depths of uncertainty. And if you are among those that are already on the brink of hitting rock bottom, keeping your hands on deck as early as now might be the only way to save you from scraping barrels later on. Remember the ship that was once touted as “unsinkable” and the “safest ever built”? An iceberg wouldn’t have sealed its fate had the captain heeded to the warnings in front of him and moved his ship while he still can.

As tragic as it sounds, this is also the reality in doing business. Times are changing ahead of us and whether we like it or not is not up to us. It will knock on our doors, shake our windows, and rattle our walls from time to time, because no matter how “unsinkable” we think we are, there will always be an iceberg to remind us that business is bigger than staying in one direction– we need to go around once in a while and make changes when we see fit.

Success in social media follows the same rule as staying afloat the sea: When the tides are strong, turn corners and ride where the waves go. We know how tight it can be to try new things. Besides, it’s all part of our growth. We’ve been there and trust us when we say that when it comes to exploring opportunities, social media is actually your safest bet in testing the uncharted waters of the digital space. So before you decide to abandon your ship, give yourself some leeway to catch a breath first. With all that’s going on today, you might want to dock your attention on how you can future-proof your business from new normal and beyond!

  1. It’s where most people are
    Social media has become a hub for people of diverse backgrounds to connect and interact with the brands they care about and they want to know more about. And with 3.8 billion active users every month, there’s no reason to run out of an audience whose interests fit your specifications like a missing puzzle piece. You’ve got almost half of our world population flocking in the digital space and it’s your call to meet them just as where they are!
  2. Screen time is the new quality time
    In case you didn’t know, the daily average for time spent on social media stands at two and a half hours, and we topped that list once again with 4 hours a day! But let’s admit it, those are still rookie numbers even for our textbook standards– we’re way more “social” than that. With the new normal keeping us apart, expect to see more faces wired to their screens as we get used to finding quality time on using social media!
  3. Know your audience in just a tap
    Keeping in touch with the people who matter most is social media’s strongest suit. Got a client you want to talk to? Send a message. Looking to increase your network? Join groups. Want to check out how your competitors are doing? Visit their profile. With new features added each day, who would’ve thought that starting conversations is just a click away? Just hit register and you’re all set. Plus, you’re getting all of this for free!
  4. You get value for your money
    Putting up an ad in social media is much cheaper than using traditional mediums– you can already start boosting at Facebook with just 50 pesos! And the fact that it fits most people’s budget speaks a volume about how social media is perceived even by small-time freelancers and startups. Social media offers a low-cost way to market your business, and once you get a hang of it, you won’t even have to chip in a single dime. Now, that’s like hitting the nail on the head of your marketing spend!
  5. Using it is simply a piece of cake
    Another bread and butter of social media is its user-friendly design. And it’s so simple that even kids and baby boomers can figure out how to use it just by their own. While technology itself is complicated, social media has managed to give it a whole new look that’s easy on anyone’s eyes and fingers. Imagine having every part of demographics within your reach, you can tap any age groups you want the way you want!
  6. There’s a right place for everyone
    Social media is made up of various platforms to connect to. If you want an all-around one, use Facebook. If your content is focused on sharing photos and videos on-the-go, try Instagram or Youtube. If you want a space for business professionals, you have LinkedIn. With so many options, there is always a right place for everyone. So if you think Tiktok or Snapchat works best for you, go for it!
  7. It’s always open for business
    Social media is open 24/7 even if you’re not in front of your phone or computer, and it’s a good reason why more businesses are going online. You can even sleep and let Facebook do the advertising if you have a spare change! The thing is, there’s no limit to what social media can do– you have all you need boxed inside the size of a window, which leaves us plenty of opportunities to take advantage of in these times!
  8. It gives out the best referral
    While most people are primarily using search engines to look for products to buy, social media is not far behind either. Besides, 43% of internet users aged 16 to 64 now say that they refer to social media in searching for brands before they make a purchase. If you want your brand to turn up next from their search results, it’s not yet late to put yourself out there. Just make sure you have a nice page to welcome them in!

There are 65 million businesses on Facebook alone, and we haven’t taken into account the numbers for other platforms yet. As the coronavirus forces more businesses to sit still, it seems that the alarm bells are ringing louder for us into thinking of what we can do to protect our future especially now that the best option for us to stay safe is to stay at home. Take Island Gas as an example. We optimized their social media for e-commerce and customer service so they can stay connected with Filipino households that need safe and quality LPG!

Social media has provided us with an opportunity to engage with our clients and customers on a scale we have never seen or heard before. And saying that it has not taken over the business landscape is an understatement to begin with. Your competitors might already be on social media, and that’s an obvious reason that you should be too!

Let us help you get closer to the people who need your brand without having to hit pause in these crucial times. If you’re feeling up to it, send us a message at info@apptusdigital so we can get started soon!

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